Wednesday, November 29, 2023
11:29:19 AM

IPO Process

1. You can collect the duly filled print of IPO Application form from any of our office. The applicant will submit the form with his/her Signature.
2. You can submit the IPO Application form only if you have sufficient/IPO equivalent amount in your Trading A/C.
3. You can submit the IPO Application by depositing the required amount of Taka, if you have no equivalent amount of IPO in your Trading A/C.
4. In case of Minus Account the Account Holder can apply for IPO by depositing the IPO equivalent amount after converting the minus account to Plus account.
5. Instead of coming to our office directly, you may deposit the requisite money for IPO Application through Cash Pay Order or Cheque in any branch of The City Bank Limited and can inform to us through SMS in Mobile No. 01936002424 or e-report registered client can inform us by filling and submitting the money deposit form.

Our Bank Information:

Standard Chartered Bank ,Main Branch, Dhaka Routing No. 215271787 A/C. No. 0001317707601
Brac Bank Ltd.Gulshan Branch, Dhaka Routing No. 060261726 A/C. No. 150-1100131361001
NRB Bank Ltd.Gulshan Branch, Dhaka Routing No. 290261725 A/C. No. 1021030036904
The Bank Deposit Slip and the signed form of IPO should be sent in our office within the subscription period through Courier Service. You can also send the same through system as mentioned in Service No.
8. In case of depositing taka for multiple IPO application, the Applicant shall have to mention Trading A/C in the deposit slip or can inform by writing separately.
6. No Pay Order or Cheque shall be received for IPO Application during the last two working days of Subscription Period.

7. The Suspended A/C holders (who did not pay the Yearly Renewal fees of BO Account) can submit the IPO Application subject to the payment of BO renewal fees.
8. Application can be submitted through electronic form i.e. E-mail, Fax, SMS and our Website.

Process of application through E-mail    :

IPO can be completed by sending a scanned copy of the IPO Application Form filled with requisite particulars and your signature through e-mail on Trading A/C holders whose e-mail address are mentioned in their BO Account particulars; can submit IPO Application by sending only “Request e-mail” with IPO particulars

Process of application through Web    :

 (Web site: Please download the IPO form; take a print, fill up and sign. Then send it to any of our office. For e-Report Registered client, they have to login in our website and click IPO Request and submit after selecting the category and Company name. For unregistered clients; please click to IPO Request in our website and submit the IPO Form after duly filled in.
9. The amount of Unsuccessful Account shall be refunded as per the instruction of the A/C Holder mentioned in the IPO form.
10. To know whether you IPO Application are successful or not; please visit our website: and have a look to IPO Menu.
11. The list of IPO Applications of our clients as sent to the issuing Company and the list of the successful clients after lottery will be available in the website in accordance with the Trading A/C (Client code).
 The list of successful clients after lottery can be found by searching through Trading A/C and following our TREC No. 048 in the Dhaka Stock Exchange website and respective company website.

 N.B.: The following conditions are applicable for execution of the above mentioned services.
  • It is mandatory to have equivalent matured amount of Taka for IPO Application in your Trading A/C before the IPO closing date...
  • IPO form as filled in and signed in various systems or IPOs sent through SMS, Web, and E-mail, must reach to our address within the IPO closing date and must mention the Category (General/Affective Small Investor)